Bacchjera is a well-structured vintage red wine, approachable and suitable with any meal. It is made by blending wines originating from native vine varieties such as Caricagiola and Pascale di Cagliari with wines originating from international vine varieties (mostly Cabernet). This wine is classified as IGP Colli del Limbara Rosso (Protected Geographical Indication). Bacchjera (stivignu in the Gallurese dialect) is our family nickname. This represents an unquestionable proof of the historical origins of our family and a clear characteristic. We like to imagine that due to some random remote bonds it derives from the name of the Roman God of Wine. The label shows a picture of our father hoeing the ground in our old family vineyard. He passed down to us the passion for grapevine and wine, the knowledge of traditional techinques used for grape growing and vinification and also the pleasure to combine a meal with good wine.

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