Bacchjera is a dynamic small winery. Its roots lie deeply in the heritage of a family of winemakers who have been passing down for generations their passion for wine and the art of winemaking. The company is named after our family nickname and we like to imagine that due to some random remote bonds it derives from the name of the Roman God of Wine. Our vineyards are located in a site named after a little country church dedicated to Saint Leonard and lie in the middle of the “Vermentino di Gallura” terroir which is is particulary suitable for viticulture. In these hills which were always considered particulary suitable for winegrowing by our ancestors, in the cradle and homeland of Vermentino di Gallura, Mario Tamponi cultivates a range of flourishing native and international vine varieties with professional skills improved over his long-term career and the advice of his brother Michele, an agronomist specializing in viticulture and enology. Vermentino Li Muri, Red Bacchjera and oak barrel aged Red Capidannu originate from a combination of prodigious soil, secret tradition and modern wine making techniques resulting in a marked and unmistakable character. Our company name and in particular the names of our wines strongly connect our business to our land and clearly imply its farming character. All wines are made in compliace with fundamental vinification criteria and explicity recall the environement in which they are produced. They are the result of our individual commitment to manage the vineyard and the winery. Although wine growing and cellering are jobs carried out with great passion, they require a high level of self-sacrifice spirit. This mirrors the peculiar and fine traits of our wines.